Peep turns 10, you get a present!

Good golly Miss Molly! This Sunday, November 9th will mark ten years to the day since I released my first CD, Peep.


The making of that album was truly a solo endeavor – I produced and engineered while playing nearly every instrument myself. It was also during that time that I first worked with Jeff Stuart Saltzman, who mixed Peep, and whose fine ears have helped improve every album I have done since. Somehow, I managed to stumble my way through the whole process, and came out on the other side with an actual record.

In honor of this anniversary, I’m gifting you a free copy of Peep. From now through this Sunday:

Peep is on Bandcamp as a free download!

So go ahead, try a shot of Peep 10-Year. This one’s on the house.


Building and Hacking

So, I’m pretty into music-making gear, and I build or modify a lot of the gear that I use. In the newest issue of Performer Mag, my homemade PBA-1 Filterbox gets a full-page writeup… messy wires and all! See page 18 here:

I used the PBA-1 on a few tracks of my last record. Some of the guitars in Jackrabbit were processed with it - definitely the high electric guitars that first come in at 00:16 were DI’d through it, I think with the Crash Sync circuit engaged.


“Goodnight” official video

In the spirit of Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests series, I present to you my sweet dog Quinn, starring in a brand new video for “Goodnight”.


Big Takeover Review of Pony EP

Some nice coverage from Big Takeover for the Pony EP!

He takes a page out of Red House Painters/Sun Kil Moon leader Mark Kozelek’s unusual-cover playbook with a tender, elegiac country-folk reading of John Mellencamp’s “Cherry Bomb.”

Thanks to Mark Suppanz for the great writeup!


November 21, 2013
“Pony” video release show
Kelly’s Olympian, Portland OR

A detailed writeup of the show is featured on the CD Baby DIY Musician blog.

View the whole photoset here.


“Pony” official video

Starring Cora Benesh as the Pony girl.
Directed by Robin Washburn